LI Firewood and Mulch

Premier producers of fine quality firewood, mulch and topsoil in Suffolk County, NY at competitive prices!

LI Firewood and Mulch always provides quality soil products...

The truth is... DIRT is a DIRTY business.

From start to finish, the process of manufacturing soils is extremely complex. At LI Firewood and Mulch, we strive to obtain high quality manufactured soils for our customers.

Soil prices...

Competitively priced, LI Firewood and Mulch offers soil products to help you with your soil project needs.. We have a few options for you consideration, and we deliver them to your door, usually same day! We also offer wholesale prices for contractors and nurseries. Call us today at (631) 335-4058 or (631) 335-4056 or ORDER ONLINE NOW!!!

Screened Topsoil - $25 per yard + Delivery

  • Screened soil, free of any sticks or rocks.
  •  Used for lawns and gardens when seeding, sodding or planting.

Clean Fill / Dirt  - $15 per yard + Delivery

  • An inexpensive option to fill holes, depressions or build up an area.
    Fill dirt is used where soil is needed with little need for soil nutrition.

Compost  - $25 per yard + Delivery

  • Compost is comprised of wood chips and leaves that have been decomposing.
  • Can be used on top of lawns to feed grass and produce a healthy, dark green lawn. Or use as a top dressing to amend your gardens in spring and fall.
  •  Acts as an excellent soil amendment. Compost can even be used as mulch.

Soil Spreading & Grading Service

  • Soil professionally spread and graded at your home or place of business.
  • Spreading and grading by hand and/or machinery from skid steer to small loader.
  • Call 631-335-4058 for more information and pricing.